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Treatment for Acne and Eczema - Helpful Tips And Advice On The Best Ways To Eliminate Acne and Eczema

If you're interested in a treatment for acne or eczema then chances are you are like many others who suffer from acne related skin blemishes. Before choosing an acne fighting solution it's important to understand what causes acne and eczema in the first place. The layman's description on what causes acne is the blocking or clogging of skin pores which leads to an inflammation and infection of bacteria. This forms a blocked pore, which can burst causing an acne bump, commonly known as a zit or pimple. The scientific definition revolves around terms like sebum and an imbalance of hormones. No matter how you describe it, the result is the same an acne related skin blemish.

The most common treatment for acne and eczema is extremely simple and revolves around regular washing with water and mild soap. Additional acne cleansers use anti bacterial ingredients such as chlorhexidine. More advanced skin blemish cleansers use retinoic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are synonymous with acne fighting solutions and skin cleansers. For the most serious cases of acne, doctors may prescribe Accutane however; this acne medication should be avoided by pregnant mothers and cautiously taken by others based on the serious side effects that could happen as a result of taking Accutane.

Other antibiotics that can be used in the treatment for acne and eczema include Daxycyclin, Minocyclin, Oxytetracyclin and Erythromycins. These antibiotics are normally taken for a duration of several months and should be taken under medical or a doctors supervision due to the side effects that can happen as a result of taking these antibiotics for acne remedies.

A more recent drug that has been found to be very effective as a treatment for acne and eczema is Isotretinoin. This medication has been confirmed to be very good at reducing the secretion of sebum although it is a rather long treatment cycle. As with any prescribed acne fighting solution there are some known side effects, which include nausea, drying of the mucous membrane and skin, abnormal liver function and headaches. This acne cleanser should be avoided at all costs by women that are or may be pregnant.

Eczema is another skin condition that affects many people that are prone to skin infections such as acne or blackheads. The skin reacting to detergents, solvents or soaps ion a negative manner can cause eczema. Treatments for eczema include avoiding irritants that cause skin problems, excess sunlight, and dust. Local antibiotics such as potassium permanganate, acne fighting topical creams and doctor prescribed low dosage of steroids are all additional methods of treating eczema.

Make sure to consult with a doctor or dermatologist before taking any treatment for acne and eczema in order to ensure you are safely taking care of your skin blemishes without putting yourself in harms way.


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